What quantities of growth factors can you produce?

Our chloroplast-based system allows for scalable production of growth factors tailored to your needs.

We can produce hundreds of milligrams. This will increase to gram and kilogram quantities as we scale up our manufacturing platform.

Beyond growth factors, what proteins can you produce?

We can produce a diverse range of proteins, for example enzymes, antibodies, and hormones.

Are there any limitations?

Our system is versatile and suitable for a wide range of proteins. Please contact us to discuss your protein(s) of interest.

Are you open to designing and producing species-specific proteins?

Yes, we specialise in the design and production of species-specific proteins.  Reach out to discuss your protein(s) and species requirements with us.

Do you provide samples that we can test?

Certainly! We offer samples for testing and evaluation in your applications. Whilst we already perform thorough testing and provide data sheets detailing the properties and functionalities of our proteins, we understand the importance of firsthand testing by our customers before committing to larger quantities. We take pride in working with our customers to deliver solutions to their needs.

What distinguishes your expression platform from other systems?

We use a lean carbon expression platform that is ultra-scalable and is free of bacterial endotoxins and animal viruses.

How can I contribute to Bright Biotech's mission?

Collaborate with us on innovative research projects to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

Provide insights and feedback on our products to help us continually improve.

Join our growing team, where every member plays a vital role in shaping our future and contributing to our mission.

Advocate the potential of plant biotechnology by spreading the word about its applications and benefits.

Invest in Bright Biotech to support our growth and shape a sustainable and brighter future.