We're pioneers of change, cultivating a brighter, more sustainable future
Our mission is to provide superior quality proteins with ultra-scalable molecular farming for cellular agriculture and biotech companies using plant chloroplasts, our natural bioreactors.
A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow
We're committed to integrity, transparency, and environmental advocacy. With meticulous craft and our innovative technology, we're reshaping the way proteins are created for a greener tomorrow.
Our Team Passionate visionaries, committed to fostering positive change, innovation, and excellence.
  • Mohammad El Hajj, PhD
  • Anil Day, PhD
  • Rania M. Deranieh, PhD
  • Negar Farrokhzad
  • Joshua Southworth
  • Diana Gomes
  • Ahmad F. A. Sobri
  • Mohammad Farid Khan, PhD
  • Christian Steffen Guba
  • Mohammad El Hajj, PhD
Leads Bright Biotech with expertise in science and an entrepreneurial spirit. When Mohammad is not developing strategies to drive the company's growth, he enjoys immersing himself in history and diverse cultures through travel, discovering food gems in the city, and staying active with morning workouts.
Drives innovation in our plant-based technology with his renowned leadership in chloroplast biotechnology. When not immersed in the science, Anil enjoys gardening, cycling into the countryside and cooking vegetarian meals.
Combines expertise in cell biology with creativity to develop products that redefine the future of food and medicine. When Rania is not in the lab, you will find her tending to her jungle of houseplants, hiking in the great outdoors, or exploring local farmer's markets for exotic ingredients to experiment with fusion cuisine.
Turns plants into a protein-producing powerhouse. Outside the lab, you will find Negar satisfying her wanderlust, discovering new cultures and cuisines, learning about new tech, and listening to all kinds of music.
Clones genes into our DNA vectors for protein expression in plant chloroplasts. Beyond the lab, Joshua finds solace and joy in playing the guitar, listening to jazz bands and learning Spanish.
Brings our mission to the world with impactful storytelling. When Diana is not telling a story, you will find her indulging in her passions for food, travel, outdoor activities, and animals.
Leads protein extraction and purification with innovative optimisations and scalable solutions. Outside the lab, he swaps his lab coat for quality time with his family and his three playful cats, or hits the local basketball court to shoot some hoops.